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Interesting concept. I got as far as the room with the dead dragon but couldn't figure out what to do after that. The list of commands was immensely helpful and I found that a few others worked as well (e.g. pry).

The story at times was hard to visualize. One time the climb command has you moving downwards which I felt was confusing. 

I made good use of the undo option so thanks for having that feature. Very useful!

I also liked how the game was available to play in-browser via the link on the game page. Much more convenient than figuring out what to do with the obscure gblorb file.

Thank you very much for playing, I'm delighted whenever people enjoy my stuff. I see what you mean about the "climb" command, it didn't occur to me until now that it might be confusing. (That said, "down" works too in that situation.)

A hint if you want one:


If you have already lifted your curse, the dragon's wings will be useful for getting home. See if there's anything you can use to cut them off.